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LaserCap – The Ultimate In Convenience, Power, Portability and Confidentiality

The LaserCap™ is the latest breakthrough in power and convenience. The sturdy component of this device fits inside any cap or hat, which completely conceals the laser light while in use. A portable battery pack allows for the freedom to use anywhere — at home or on the go. 224 pulsing laser diodes Pulse Wave Technology is the next generation in Laser Hair Therapy. Click The Link To Find Out More! makes this device similar to having your own clinical laser in the most convenient fashion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why Should I buy my LaserCap From The John Vincent Hair Group?

  • The experience of John Vincent, one of the leading experts in the Industry
  • Access to a wealth of resources including Patient Photos and Videos
  • Online support with trained staff
  • A completely free consultation to determine your suitability for the LaserCap
  • A Two Year Extended Warranty
  • Follow-up support from our staff of Hair Loss Specialists
  • Financing Options Available

How long until I see any results?

Results vary depending on the condition of the hair at the beginning of usage. Most changes begin occurring at the cellular level of the hair shaft, but visual changes typically take at least 6 months.

How do I use the LaserCap?

Insert the LaserCap into any hat of you desire, or the one provided to you. Then fully charge the battery pack when in the off position. Connect the battery pack to the LaserCap. Turn on the power switch and wear per your physician’s instructions.

Can I put the LaserCap in any hat?

Yes you can fit it into any hat large enough to hold it. Such as a baseball cap, beanie,bandana, summer hat, etc.

Does it work for women?

We have patients from 18-80 who have experienced great results from LHT, both women and men.

Can I use the LaserCap along with other treatments such as Rogaine or Propecia?

Yes you can use the LaserCap along with any other treatments such as Rogaine/Minoxodil, Propecia/Finasteride.

Can I use the LaserCap if I have had a hair transplant?

Many of our customers use LLLT to preserve their ‘native’ hair, to speed up incisions, and to encourage quicker growth of transplanted hair. We have seen a number of cases where older hair transplant results were improved with the use of LLLT as it essentially an anti-aging treatment for the hair and scalp.

How do I charge my LaserCap?

You just plug in the charger into a wall outlet and then plug charger into battery pack with battery pack switch in the ‘off’ position, then wait until green light appears on the charger.

Is it ever too early to use the LaserCap? My hair isn't thinning but all my dad and uncles have lost their hair.

There may be evidence that LaserCap may slow or stop hair loss but it needs to be formally studied. Also, if you have quite a bit of hair then very little light may reach the scalp. Email if this applies to you and I will give you some suggestions to get more light to the scalp. ( )

Is the LaserCap FDA cleared?

Not yet as the FDA clearance process takes some time; however there are two laser devices that have received FDA clearance for hair re-growth , a hand-held comb-like device with 9 lasers for men and an in-office laser hood with 90 lasers for women. LaserCap, uses the same lasers as these devices.

Why is the LaserCap a good option over a laser comb or in-office laser hood?

The LaserCap is extremely convienent and time-effective. It takes the hassle of combing away, and gives uniform pulsing laser light output to the entire top of your head. It is significantly more time-effective than going to a salon or office multiple times per week for months on end to receive treatment.


Can I use the LaserCap while being active, such as jogging,walking, in the car,etc?

Yes, you can use the LaserCap while doing most things, except activities that involve being submerged in water.

How often do I need to use the LaserCap?

Use it according to your physician’s instructions but no more than every other day for up to an hour. A typical regiment is 3 times per week becomes the normal regimen.

Can I wear it as a stand-alone instead of under a hat?

Yes you can wear the LaserCap by itself or in your favorite hat.


Is there a warranty for the LaserCap?

Yes, you will be provided a 3-year all inclusive warranty at the time of purchase. (Other LaserCap Distributors only offer the standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty)

Is there a Return Policy?

Yes, we offer a 75% money back guarantee for up to one years. This means that you can try the LaserCap for up to 1 year for only $750, one month for $62.50, and only $2 a day!

What if my LaserCap stops working?

It will be replaced free of charge according to our warranty policy.

Cost /Payment

How do I purchase a LaserCap?

Click The Button Below, or call 1-800-NOW-HAIR, to schedule a FREE consultation to determine if the LaserCap is the right treatment for you.

Can I make payments on a LaserCap?

Contact Us For Financing Options

How long does it take to ship me my LaserCap?

Most Orders are delivered within a week, Free shipping included.

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